Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions 2012

Grub Street has a nice post about making realistic resolutions. Here are mine - a bit ambitious and I'm feeling excited about them! 2011 was a drag for me in many ways and I'm determined that 2012 will be better both in terms of writing and overall well-being. May all our intentions do good for ourselves, our neighbors, and for the planet.

Regarding self-care:
to meditate every* morning for 10 minutes.

Regarding exercise:
to train for and complete a half marathon in September, and to continue running afterwards.

Regarding writing:
to write regularly (go to the Writing Room every* Saturday morning unless I’m out of town), and to write every day in April (in observance of National Poetry Month).

Regarding work:
to continue working my stated hours and to take a lunch break every day.

* where noted, every=most

My sources of inspiration: my dad for running and meditation, my favorite writers for their regular creative experiments, my partner for perseverance and self-care, and my mom for thriving despite challenges.

My image for the hard work needed to achieve these goals: the Gaian Tarot 9 of Earth. Step by step, incremental, dedicated work toward mastery.

What are your goals, intentions, or resolutions? Who or what inspires you?