Monday, April 16, 2012


It's been a while since I posted. I've been getting used to my new job (and the hour less a day I have available with my new commute). But I have been writing. I took a class at Flying Object that provided me with a new set of fabulous peers and some helpful feedback from teacher Rachel B. Glaser. And so far I have written every day for the month of April, which was one of my New Year's resolutions. (Patting self on back.)

It's NaPoWriMo!
I will not be posting every poem here. Most of them are just beginnings. But in the spirit of beginnings and accountability, I'm going to update this post with the first line/sentence or title of each day's writing. At the end of it all, I plan to create a collage poem from all 30 pieces and will (probably) post it here.

The days so far...

April 1: Consider the lilies of the valley...
April 2: The twins were separated at birth.
April 3: What happened next is difficult to tell.
April 4: I procrastinated many things today but I did my jealousy homework.
April 5: First there was skunk cabbage...
April 6: And now, lightning and thunder make sense.
April 7: All that breath.
April 8: Cairo, Egypt, 1999
April 9: So much lust in the garden - and yet the zucchini had nothing to say.
April 10: Slice open my chest and what will you find?
April 11: In the house of big ideas, a tiny mouse-child scurries.
April 12: Song for Myself
April 13: The Light of the Self Can Bear Anything
April 14: I am more determined to love you
April 15: After the description of thorns, bricks...
April 16: I was sent to summer camp.
April 17: After the breakup, people I didn't know showed up to comfort me.
April 18: Nothing Better
April 19: Her fingers have the dexterity of chicken bones.
April 20: In the garden, all is magic.
April 21: An Arbor at Noon
April 22: Today I fell through the floor of reality...
April 23: Oh no, don't give me a knight...
April 24: What Is Really the Matter?
April 25: Three Little Ones
April 26: Show and Tell
April 27: Bananas
April 28: A wise (wo)man walks into a hookah bar.
April 29: Oh, poem...
April 30: Spherical Aberration