by Kat Good-Schiff

Poetry Chapbook

East of North, 2008

Flash Fiction

Travel Tips” in Quay: A Journal of the Arts, 2009

The Grand Monadnock” in Twelve Stories, 2008

The Flying Nightgown” in Pitkin Review, 2008


"Daffodils (Narcissus jonquilla)" in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, 2016

"Jonah's Story" forthcoming in In The Biblical Sense: An Anthology of Apocryphal Poetry

"The Others" in Paradise Found: A Walking and Biking Tour of Northampton, Massachusetts through Poetry and Art, 2014

"Lilacs" in Like One: Poems for Boston, 2013

"Goldilocks at Last" and "Origins" in Meat for Tea, 2011

"Lower Mill Pond Park" in Haggard & Halloo, 2011

“Even Then” in Solo Novo: Wall Scrawls, 2011

"Wingless, but Flying" in The Montague Reporter, 2011

"Smash" and "Hard Working Women" in Meat for Tea, 2010

Nothing Balances” in Holly Rose Review, 2010

Through the Naked Trees” in A Handful of Stones, 2010

“Initiation” and “In the Museum” in Eclipse, 2010

In the Black Forest” in A Handful of Stones, 2009

Jonah’s Love Story” (Reprint) in Holly Rose Review, 2009

"Abortion Counseling," "Why People Have Affairs," and "Faithfulness" in SNReview, 2009

“Drunk in the Afternoon” in California Quarterly, 2009

In This One” in Quay: A Journal of the Arts, 2009

“Arrival” and “When I Am” in The Equinox, 2008

Organic” in Autumn Sky Poetry, 2008

Proposal” in Flutter Poetry Journal, 2008

Container” in Quay: A Journal of the Arts, 2008

“All Purpose Poem” in The Equinox, 2007

“Plants and Stones” in Kalliope, 2007

I Pretend” and “Elegy” in SNReview, 2007

“Someday my god will come” in Lotus.zine, 2007

“Jonah’s Love Story” in Pank, 2007

Geographies” in Pitkin Review, 2006

Car Song”, a broadside made by Drive By Poets, 2006

Essays, Reviews, and Blogs

Married ... with Health Insurance – CommunicateHealth, 2013

It’s Easy Bein’ Green (If Your City Is Built That Way) – CommunicateHealth, 2013

Jennifer L. Knox's The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway in Tarpaulin Sky, 2011

"Poet’s Memoir Charts Internal and External Journeys" in Flutter Poetry Journal, 2009

"Wonderful Things" Profile of Musician Tom Everett in ICView, 2009

What Language Can Do (Gallery Review) on, 2008

Visions of Myriad Selves in Jean Valentine’s Door in the Mountain
in Flutter Poetry Journal, 2008

“Unusual Beauty” (Portrait/Memoir) on, 2007

“My Favorite Subculture” (Audio Commentary) on 88.5 WFCR Amherst, MA, 2005


"Inside the Blossoms" by Kindle Arts & Cards

"From Now, to the Far Away" text for an art book by Chris Haske

Project Elements Easthampton: poem for Earth, dreams for Water

"Signs of Our Times" Photographs, Mobius