Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sign Language: Humor

Signs of Our Times is "an online study of signs, especially as means of language or miscommunication." It is an amusing and thought-provoking collection of accidental profundity, laughable bloopers, and odd juxtapositions. (Find mine at #55.)

When I saw the call for works inviting people to submit pictures of signs, I realized that I have been photographing signs for a while now and have amassed quite a collection of them. It was tough to choose just three to send in, so I figured I'd gradually post more of them here. I decided to go the humorous route for this week's selection.

"Troll Ave." Seattle, WA

"Warning Sign" Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ

"Dry Cleaning" St. James, NY

"Through the Window" Seattle, WA


  1. lol...love these. Thanks for turning me on to a fun new blog obsession. :)

  2. Yes, aren't they fun? Thanks for reading!