Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dispatches from the Poet in the Conference Room

Sitting through meetings, trying to focus on all the big, conceptual words, I can't help noticing petals wilting on the apple tree, and the slow trickle of artificial rain from the lawn sprinkler. Richard Hugo said it best: "Think small.... If you can't think small, try philosophy or social criticism." The reverse is also true. If you can't think big, if the words of organizational work plans and economic indicators sound like the wind worrying pine trees on a stormy night, then you must be a poet.


  1. Yes! I feel the exact same way. Seriously, let's start a poet's colony! With lots of cats and pirate dogs (and of course, Rosie!).

    Can't wait for our workshop!


  2. Yeah... instead of the lost boys, we can be the lost poets.

  3. Nothing can suck the life outta ya like a business meeting unless ya keep to your own thoughts.