Monday, June 23, 2008

In Memoriam

The email this morning
was matter-of-fact. Bad news
travels so easily: quick and clean,
sharp, definite. She died.
Thirty years old, she was riding
her bike. I don't know
the details of helmet or speed
but I do know she was married
holding red flowers with a deep
red sash on an autumn day of leaves
and sun, to my childhood
friend. My question is:
"How can I make sense of this?"
From the Tarot deck, I draw the Magician.
White robe, red sash,
cup and coin and sword and staff,
feminine and masculine, lilies
and roses, the go-between of worlds.
This afternoon a bicyclist
passed my bench. I saw him
bend down, pick up a book -
not sure if he dropped it
or found it. I wonder -
when she fell - who
picked her up?

1 comment:

  1. Having had a friend die last autumn while cutting a tree limb for his church (oh, the irony), I think I can empathize with you somewhat. I told myself it wouldn't bother me too much, but it did. Even these many months afterwards, I still think of it and get a bit sad. Less so as time goes on, though.