Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Time With The Poets

I am blessed with a great group of fellow poets that meets every Thursday night to critique each other's work. This spring we decided to take it a step further and go on a three-nights-four-days retreat in nearby Vermont. We rented a cabin, ate, drank, wrote, and were merry - despite an afternoon of plumbing problems (not our fault). Here's a photo essay of my reflections.

Lessons for Poets
When you're a poet, it's important to eat well. Feed the muse and all that.

Write alone, but don't drink alone.

It's important to find a nice place to work.

We're creating order (or something) from life's chaos.

In order to draft a poem, you have to let go and let things flow. Save your love of order for the editing process.

Sometimes, things flow too much ... then you must reach for a mop.

Writing poetry can be tough ... but really, if you're eating well and drinking among friends, it's not that bad.

When all else fails, quote yourself. "In the end is the beginning." When all else fails, burn your poem and start again.

"Think small." - Richard Hugo

A poet's job is to go to dark places and bring back light.

Can you spot the poet in this picture? No - she's behind the camera. So step away from your work and let it speak for itself.


  1. What a great photo essay! I really enjoyed this.