Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Yeah, Sagittarius!

I am on break from school & my brain has downshifted to first gear. Hence the lack of posting here. I've been enjoying my couch, television, and movies. Creativity is an ebb and flow, and I am ebbing. Dry sand. Low tide. Silent metaphorical walks on the beach.

Here's my list of recent movie/video consumption: Into the Wild (beautiful, and I cried - plus it includes my favorite poem by Sharon Olds!), Lars and the Real Girl (I laughed AND cried), Waitress (hilarious and delectable), Toy Story (can you believe I'd never seen it?), some Six Feet Under, The Closet (French comedy), and V for Vendetta (I also cried during this one, but the philosophical implications were more troubling. I felt simultaneously grateful for my freedoms in this country - the state of Massachusetts in particular, and disgusted by the reminder of how our federal government supports and perpetrates torture).

When my creativity is ebbing I still turn to the Writer's Almanac for tidbits of the writing life. They give short bios of well-known writers who are having birthdays on any given day. Have you noticed that many cool people in your life are having birthdays this time of year (yours truly included)? The same goes for writers! November 29th was a particularly rich day, celebrating CS Lewis, Louisa May Alcott, and Madeleine L'Engle, all of whom had profound effects on my childhood - and those of many others. There must be something wild, creative, and inspiring about being a Sagittarius!


  1. Because, truly, we're the hottest signs in the zodiac. We've got it all: creativity, awareness, enthusiasm, imagination, ambition, talent, and divine consciousness!

    Here's to us: the fire at the center of the zodiac!

  2. A movie I recently saw and greatly enjoyed was "The Lives of Others". I also liked what the director had to say about how he used music and color in the movie.